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Say It, Until You See It

I want to encourage to individuals experiencing hopeless situations. A Hope-less situation does not mean that God has left you!

Just because things don’t work out exactly how we planned them does not mean that God is not at work in your life. No matter what your situation is saying, I can tell you that God is at work in your lie at the moment.

Ezekiel 37- included dialogue between God and Prophet Ezekiel in the case of the valley of dry bones. The place is a graveyard, it is a cemetery, they are dry bones. The symbolism is of- a people- whose hope- has died- and has been dead- for- a long time. This is a situation where there is no future, just bones, no body, just bones, no signs of life. The Lord asked him a question that God is asking you today about your situation – CAN THESE DRY BONES LIVE?

There are some situations we face in which human solutions will not work - the only thing that will work will be--- hearing from God! I brought the word of God to you today that you have to SAY IT, UNTIL YOU SEE IT!

You may be in a situation that looks hopeless, it may look like the end is near and it’s time to give up, it may look as if you’ve lost... well, it doesn’t matter what it may look like, right, you must speak life to your dead situation, and keep speaking it until you see the change come.

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