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Innovative Solutions

Forget the new normal – I know many are aching to go back to the way things were. Coronavirus has affected the Church, and culture overall, in many ways. Specifically for the Church, the ability to not gather together physically or worship corporately has dealt a tragic blow. For much of 2020, many churches floundered trying to find a way to engage without being physically united. Yet in still today, Barna’s suggested that 20% of churches will shut down by late 2022 – a percentage greatly accelerated by the pandemic. Additionally, an estimated 30% of Christians have walked away from the Church. But, I've found a solutions to help us THRIVE in this NOW NORMAL through my innovative solutions in creating the physical and digital model of ministry. 

Carey Nieuwhof said this…

”Barring a genuine move of God and radical discipleship,

statistically we’ve lost the church. We cannot get it back by human means.” 


Kenneth K. Law
Founder and CEO of Kenneth K. Law - Life & Leadership, The Administrate Summit and The K& Leadership Network.

"We highly recommend John Young and The BluPrint Connection Team or anyone in need to see their organization grow in a healthy and sustainable manner. His seasoned experience in the areas of Administration, Academia and Leadership are essential and vital in providing strategic solutions within this era of disruption and constant change."

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